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About you, where you’re from, your history as a wedding photographer, what you believe in, your philosophy, awards won, what you’re looking forward to about NineDots.

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If you’re not coming to do a mainstage talk, just put N/A
If you’re not coming to do a mainstage talk, just put N/A

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Upon completion of this form please send us the following images and video via wetransfer or dropbox to*
Please send the images high-res if possible but a minimum of 2048px wide if high-res not possible. For the video please record a selfie video (phone videos are fine) ideally in landscape but whatever you prefer, just a couple of minutes – who you are, where you’re from, what you’ll be talking about and how excited you are to come to NineDots!

Terms and Conditions

THIS AGREEMENT: "The presenter" (as named above) agrees to attend the NineDots Gathering 15-16-17 November 2021 ("the Gathering"), in London UK in the capacity of presenter and book out the relevant dates in their diary to ensure their attendance at the Gathering.*
FEES: In return for attendance at the Gathering and delivering the agreed presentation(s) the presenter will receive a fee in addition to a travel supplement which has been explained to you via email. Full payment will be made following the completion of the Gathering.*
EXCLUSIVITY: We choose not to enforce any specific exclusivity boundaries, however if you're approached to speak, or have plans to speak at another UK or European event within 6 months either side of The Gathering, we'd really appreciate you discussing it with us to see if there's any potential for conflict.*
PROMOTION: The presenter agrees to publish their participation at the Gathering at least three times over their own social media platforms, consistent with their own brand voice. All other social media marketing will be the responsibility of NineDots, which may result in the Presenter being asked for further cooperation from time to time.*
HARASSMENT, BULLYING AND DISCRIMINATION: The presenter agrees to abide by the NineDots harassment and bullying policy. Please ensure you read the full policy.*
CANCELLATION BY CONFERENCE ORGANISER: Should the Gathering be cancelled, for any reason, NineDots agrees to reimburse any costs incurred by the presenter to that point but no further payments will be due.*
CANCELLATION BY PRESENTER: Should the presenter need to cancel for any reason, NineDots accepts that zero compensation will be due.*