2015 Highlights

We had such an insane amount of fun

  • Erin + Ben Chrisman
  • Lanny + Erika Mann
  • Benj Haisch
  • Spencer Lum
  • Ross Harvey
  • Tyler Wirken

We had such an insane amount of fun at the first NineDots Gathering in 2015 and when we felt the atmosphere and heard the feedback from all our guests we knew we’d created something special.

Erin + Ben Chrisman opened the show in 2015 with an amazing presentation which really boiled down to commitment. Commiting to being a great photographer through constant practice and hard work.

After the first ping pong break, Ross Harvey gave a compelling talk about light and composition before having everyone transfixed with his views on the psychology of wedding photography and mind mechanics.

We had some lunch, then Benj Haisch spoke about finding your ‘why’ and getting motivated and creating a personal style and voice within your work.

Tyler Wirken opened day 2 of the 2015 gathering with a hilarious personality packed talk about finding the 1%. Working, striving, grafting to find that awesome 1% of moments that are really going to matter to your couples.

More ping pong and then back to our seats to listen to Spencer Lum give an inspirational and frank talk about being different and working to stand out from the crowd.

And to close out the 2015 Gathering Two Mann Studios (Lanny and Erika) spoke powerfully about getting out of your comfort zone, working against fear and reinforced the messages of being yourself, working hard and never giving up.

We finished it all off with the best party any of us have ever been to, just up the road at Dado54 into the early hours!

Epic hugs and thank you’s to York Place Studios and Zenith Cinematography for capturing the 2015 Gathering.

Thanks to our friends from Floricolor, Fundy Software, JPEGmini, Togwire and Jonathan Ford & Co for your support and help in making this first NineDots Gathering the roaring success it was!


Thank you to York Place Studios for capturing the 2015 NineDots Gathering!