Ninedots Gathering

Event Guide


14th – 15th  November 2023, Leeds.

Event Guide

Well, we’ve waited long enough!

We are super excited to welcome you to the NineDots Gathering 2023 and wanted to give you all the info you need for the event.

For us, this has always been our passion project. We know there has been an explosive increase in multi-speaker events over the last few years but we believe the NineDots Gathering is something different and unique and we’re so thankful you’re a part of this – the eighth NineDots Gathering!

We founded NineDots in November 2014 and we could never imagined being here, ready to host for the eighth time at a new venue and city! We are so proud of NineDots and of everyone in the community helping make it the strongest and most supportive wedding photography community in the world! Everything you need to know about the event is below, but let us know if you’ve got any questions or need anything from us.

Everything you need to know about the event this year is below, and it’s important that if you haven’t yet filled it in, please complete this RSVP form ASAP:



Northern Monk
Marshalls Mill, The Old Flax Store, Marshall St, Leeds LS11 9YJ

Everything will be held at this venue, apart from the After Party.

Northern Monk Refectory LDS is located in The Old Flax Store, our Grade II listed mill in Holbeck, Leeds – the spiritual heart of the industrial revolution. The Refectory is the original home of Northern Monk, located directly above our first brewing site. Visitors can drink beer brewed on the floor below where they’re sat from our 20 taps of fresh Northern Monk beer.

Click here for Northern Monk Website



MON 13th NOV

REGISTRATION DRINKS – 6.30PM at Northern Monk

We will be holding a registration drinks event at the venue on the Monday night to get your wristband which you’ll need for entry into Northern Monk.

We encourage you to come to this to register and get your entrance wristband so we can save as much time as possible doing this on the Tuesday morning. We want to get cracking on the talks on time! Plus it’s an excuse to come, have a drink and meet people! If you don’t know many/any people attending, then it’s the perfect place to meet other attendees as well as Team NineDots who will be on hand all week to look after you! If you can’t make it, then no worries – you can register on Tuesday morning at Northern Monk from 9:00am till 9.30am

We have the list of all ticket holders, so you don’t need anything to register – just remember your name – Easy!



09:00 Tea / Coffee / Pastries
09:30 Welcome to Day 1: Take your seats
09:45  Jason Vinson
10:45 Break
11:30 Nadine Van Biljon
12:00 Ronan Palliser
12:30 AfterShoot
13:00 Lunch
14.30 York Place  Mini-master Class
15:00 LaPlante  Mini-master Class
15:30 Break
15:45 Fabio Mirulla
16:45 Break
17:15 Ange Ward Brown
18:15 End of Day 1 – everyone downstairs
19:00 Everyone upstairs for The Ultimate Pizza Party & Speed Quiz – Food / Speed Quiz / Karaoke
23:00 – Finish



08:45 Tea / Coffee / Pastries
09:15 Welcome to Day 2: Take your seats
09:30 Siva Haran
10:00 Soozana Pvan
10:30 Break
11:00 Jason Vinson / Helen Williams – Mini-master Class
11.30 Helen Williams / Jason Vinson – Mini-master Class
NB: The attendees will be split into two groups for the above two masterclasses and go straight from one to the other. This means you will have to do the same presentation two times back to back.

12:15 Lunch
14:00 Lina Orsino-Allen
14:30 Marta May
15:00 Break
15:30 Jesse & Moira LaPlante
16:30 NineDots GoodBye
17:00 End Of Day Two
21:00 After Party
02.00: It’s all over for another year!

The Presentations & Format

The venue at Northern Monk is split into two main areas over two floors – the main space upstairs where we will be setting up the main stage and a separate room for some of the mini-masterclasses.

You won’t *need* any thing during the 3 days, like cameras or equipment – but if you want to bring your camera then you are of course more than welcome – also this year Canon will be on hand for lens and camera sensor TLC (Canon users only) – see below! Some people bring things to make notes with also.


LUNCH IS NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR TICKET PRICE // Free tea and coffee in the breaks

There will be pastries, tea and coffee on the Tuesday and Wednesday morning, plus tea, coffee, water available throughout the daytime during the breaks. Doors open at 9:00am each day which is 30 minutes before the presentations begin. A very light, continental style, breakfast (pastries and more pastries) will be available – If you can’t survive a day without a full English fry up, then you will need arrange that yourself elsewhere before you arrive.

For Lunch we’ve brought in the wonderful folks at Twisted Kitchen – from downstairs they will be serving you street-style Caribbean food. It’s crazy tasty and great value – you can see the menu below!

If that doesn’t appeal to you, then you are more than welcome to bring your own food, or pick up a Pret or something similar in the morning, to eat in the venue.  Alternatively, you can of course find somewhere to eat locally at lunch, however we don’t encourage that as so many friendships and new bonds are made during the breaks.
We’d recommend you order from the kitchen downstairs or bring your own so we can all hang together! 


We deliberately timed the NineDots gathering for the time of year we know everyone is feeling the effects of a busy season. The main events are of course the presentations and masterclasses by our world class speakers, but we have always tried to ensure that the NineDots gathering has a real balance between learning and fun.


After the talks end on day one (and before we start the storyteller and social) we have bought in the legends that are Duke’s Pizza – a food truck that will be making fresh pizzas for everyone for 2 hours, so plenty to fill you all up! The food will be served buffet style and there should be something to please most people’s tastes and allergies. With it being buffet style though, please don’t take more than your fair share in one go. You can always go back for more later and as this isn’t a wedding, the band will not eat all the food before you get chance to sit down!

Let us know any dietary requirements and also if you feel you are likely to be buying lunch with us in the RSVP form – these will be passed on to the kitchen and food truck in advance.

TUESDAY: Ultimate Pizza Party & NineDots Speed Quiz Tournament followed by karaoke

Once day one closes, there will be Pizza’s for everyone to the start of the evening for 2hrs.

After some pizza and drinks you are all invited to the inaugural NineDots Gathering Speed Quiz! This is a modern, NineDots, take on your classic British pub quiz – it’s a team competition so grab some fast-fingered (and intelligent) friends and see if you can be the ones to lift the trophy!

Afterwards we’ve got the now traditional (and some would say, essential) NineDots Karaoke session… those who know, know! We will stay in the venue until midnight and you’ll be able to order food & drinks from the bar.

WEDNESDAY Legendary After Party

9pm-2am Wed 15 Nov – Cuckoo Leeds
37 Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7BT

The wrist bands issued at the registration will be required for entry, so please don’t lose it!

Hosted by: DJ SANTERO

From representing the UK in the World Final of Red Bull 3style to being an official resident at the legendary Ministry of Sound and warming up the main stage of Global Gathering for The Prodigy – Santero is the DJ’s DJ. Plus, he absolutely killed it last year at the Gathering 7 afterparty, so we just had to invite him back!

The photos from our after parties speak for themselves. Just be there. Exclusive to Gathering ticket holders so unfortunately we can’t accept requests for you to bring friends.

The Helper Team

Frances Foster, Phil Salisbury, Janina Brocklesby and Andy Li

These four wonderful people are here to help you! You can go to them with any questions or issues or just for a chat during the event and parties. They’ll all be wearing different coloured NineDots t-shirts so you can find them easily in a crowd! Check out their NineDots profiles to see their lovely faces!

Experts On Hand

Next level editing and workflow with Aftershoot
Working Albums and printed products into your business with Loxley Colour
Making happy clients and print sales with online galleries with Pic-Time
Branding + Website advice from The Origami Fox

We handpicked these guys to come to the Gathering and be available for advice so please speak to them while you’re there – they really can help transform your business in every way!

Camera, Lens and Equipment advice and servicing from Canon UK

At this year’s Gathering, Canon will be available to provide complementary service and support to all Canon users! Services include camera sensor cleaning, camera checks and minor repairs. In addition, Canon will be bringing a selection of kit for you to try out during the event. So if you want sensors cleaning, or any of your kit is in need of TLC then please feel free to bring it along for some love.

Sharing is Caring :: #weareninedots

Share the NineDots fun and FOMO on social media!

Over the course of the week we will be documenting and sharing all things NineDots gathering 2021 on our Instagram @ninedotsco.

Keep up to date and feel free to join and share yourselves using the event hashtag #weareninedots and our insta handle is @ninedotsco

The Serious Stuff

Your conduct and behaviour while with us

We take our responsibilities as conference organisers extremely seriously. We want everyone to have a fun, happy, welcoming, safe, enjoyable time while at the NineDots Gathering and by picking up your wristband and walking through our doors you accept all the terms of our harassment and bullying policy and commit to treat everyone with respect.

Click here to read the NineDots harassment and bullying policy.


What We Need From You Now