Gathering 2020 Refund Application Form

Please fill in this form with the details of your ticket. Refunds are only available if you’re unable to attend on the new date.

Reasons to keep hold of your ticket (please consider):
— You have the cheapest available ticket
— You’ll be able to sell your ticket on as demand increases closer to the new date
— You’ll have free access to a virtual NineDots event in November 2020 on the original week of the 2020 Gathering
— You’ll have special privileges for any other NineDots events we hold between now and then (virtual or in-person)
— You’ll help make sure the 2021 Gathering remains a financially viable event and can go ahead

So if there’s even the slimmest hope you can be there we’d encourage you to keep hold of your ticket at this stage. If you’re absolutely not able to attend on the new dates, please fill in this form. Applications for refunds close at midnight 26th August 2020 GMT.

Sorry, the deadline for applying for a refund has now passed.