ARJ Workshop Tour 2019

Join NineDots co-founder Adam Johnson on his 2019 Workshop tour where he’ll be bringing his brand new workshop to four cities around the UK!

Manchester – 28th March 2019 – Buy tickets
Bath – 2nd April 2019 – Buy tickets
Brighton – 4th April 2019 – Buy tickets
Glasgow – 11th April 2019 – Buy tickets

Wedding Photography Workshop 2019

Adam has been shooting weddings as ARJ Photography for almost 10 years. In that time his work has taken him to 20 different countries on four continents and been recognised by many well known awards including 12 Fearless awards and 31 from ISPWP. He’s also won the wedding industry awards national wedding photographer of the year title twice and two Junebug Best of the Best awards!

Wedding Photography Workshops 2019 - Adam Johnson

Four years ago we started NineDots and taught our first ever workshop together. Since then as NineDots we’ve trained over 100 wedding photographers through our collaborative workshops and Adam has mentored quite a few photographers in that time on a one-to-one basis too. If you’re looking to shake things up or take things to another level you need to look no further than these brand new workshops…

Here’s the plan for the workshops


Morning Session – Shooting, Creativity and Editing
This will be a highly interactive morning, out of our seats and shooting. Adam will break down exactly how he works to think creatively, uses light (natural, video light and flash) and finish with a session of Lightroom tips, tricks and power plays!

Lunch is included in the ticket price

Afternoon Session – Business, Marketing and Automation
During the afternoon session Adam will break down exactly how he’s built his business so that the bits that can run themselves tick away nicely and how he’s used his past career in Marketing and Programming to guide his business decisions as a photographer.

Evening Session – Drinks, Food and Banter
NineDots events tend to finish in the pub and this will be no different, continuing the interactive feel of the day into the pub for as long as people want to stick around!

UK Wedding Photographer - ARJ Photography

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