Your Presenters

Mick Shah

London, UK


Mick is a creative soul with a passion for business and entrepreneurship. A professional drummer in his past life and a working Pastor, Mick believes that heart and mindset are just as important as technical skills in becoming the best wedding photographer you can be.

Based in London, Mick is a happily married dad who is building a strong studio of creative wedding photographers with him at the helm. He shoots with boundless energy and passion for capturing weddings in his uniquely creative style which is ever-evolving.


Gathering Host

As a co-founder of NineDots Mick will be hosting the Gathering along with Adam, Andy and Rahul.

Mini - Masterclass

Off Camera Flash Techniques

Mick will be teaming up with Rahul to give an off-camera flash mini-masterclass at the gathering. Some quick wins to help demystify the use of flash and some of the modifiers available and how they can take your images to the next level!